Advantages Of Speed Bumps Of Different Materials

We often see speed bumps at our intersections, community entrances and exits, toll stations and other places. The function of speed bumps is to form a kind of road block on the highway, so that vehicles will consciously slow down when they are driving to reduce the occurrence of accidents. What are the advantages of speed bumps of different materials?

Rubber speed bump: It is designed based on the principle of the angle between the tire and the ground special rubber when the car is running, and is made of special rubber. It is a new type of special traffic safety device that is set at the entrance of highway crossings, industrial and mining enterprises, residential quarters and so on to slow down the speed of motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles.

Advantages of rubber speed bumps: Compared with the original cement ridges and steel pipes, the rubber speed bumps have shock absorption, good compression resistance, long life, less wear on the car, less noise, yellow and black, clear colors, no annual Repainted, beautiful and generous. After the use of speed bumps, accidents at various traffic intersections are greatly reduced, and it is a new type of special facility for traffic safety. The rubber deceleration ridge is composed of yellow and black rubber deceleration ridge units.

Cast steel speed bump: a new type of special traffic safety device used to slow down the speed of motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles. Remind the driver to slow down. When the car passes by, it has muffling and replying functions to prevent accidents caused by untimely braking. The speed bump is equipped with a diamond-grade reflective film, which reflects bright red or green light at night, which can attract the attention of the driver, reduce the speed, improve safety, and protect the tires of the vehicle. Speed ​​bumps greatly reduce accidents at various traffic intersections, and are a new type of special facility for traffic safety. The car is safe in driving and serves the purpose of buffering and decelerating, improving the safety of traffic crossings.

Advantages of cast steel deceleration belt: The product is made of high-strength special steel. The product is sturdy and durable. Compared with ordinary rubber deceleration belts, it has a longer pressure life and good pressure resistance. Using standard yellow and black production technology, the color is bright, the color is distinct, and the logo is obvious. It has a high degree of visibility during the day or night, attracting drivers to pay attention to slowing down. The advanced “internal expansion anchoring technology” is used for firm installation, stable and reliable. It is currently one of the main products promoted by the transportation department.

Post time: Mar-02-2023