I will introduce you to the corner of the wall

The corner of the wall is mainly made of acrylic, aluminum alloy and other materials, and the base material is bent into a 90-degree contour through hot bending, bending and other processes, so as to protect the corner from collision and scratch. Main categories: acrylic uv printing, screen printing, aluminum profiles, etc.

Features of corner guards

1. Wall corners have good decorative effect, high-grade, high imitation solid wood effect, atmospheric and beautiful, unlike acrylic corners, plastic texture looks very worthless at first glance. The opaque design of wooden and plastic corner protectors not only protects the corners, but also protects the damaged corners instead of transparent ones. Due to the long time, the dust cannot be removed and is unsightly. There are many colors to match your family style to the maximum.

2. The wall corners are easy to install, environmentally friendly, and only need to be pasted with glass glue. It can be installed by men, women and children without the need for professional tools or technical skills. Save labor, time and money. In addition, no holes are required and the walls will not be damaged. Unlike acrylic resin, which requires electric drills to drill holes, the retaining wall will destroy the wall first, and the corner guard itself has no screw holes, which is more perfect.

3. The corner protection is environmentally friendly, safe and durable. The wood plastic is durable and not easy to deform. It is not as fragile and dangerous as the glass corner protection, and it will not bend and deform like acrylic resin. It is environmentally friendly, formaldehyde-free, and certain Corner guards with inferior acrylic resin with unusual smell.

4. Wall corner guards are super cost-effective. Although wood plastic has many advantages, the price is not high. Our high-quality corner guards are sold at special prices. This can be said to be the cheapest high-quality corner guard, and the price is super high.

Post time: Mar-02-2023