Plastic anti-collision bucket

Material: Imported PE resin
Specifications: Height 825mm, diameter 580mm, one water bag can hold 20L of water
Design description: Easy to display, impact resistant, aging resistant, long service life, better than fiberglass products, reducing traffic accidents. The reflective film attached to the surface of the plastic anti-collision barrel is clearly visible during the day and night, and can serve as a warning and anti-collision role. It can play a buffering role in accidental collisions of vehicles, minimizing damage to vehicles and greatly reducing accident losses. Fiberglass anti-collision bucket
It is light in weight, high in strength, has strong anti-corrosion and weather resistance, is resistant to thawing and moisture (water), is overall disposable and has good decorative properties. Its biggest feature is that it has low recycling value and is not easy to be stolen.

1. The anti-collision bucket is hollow and filled with sand or water. It has cushioning elasticity and can effectively absorb strong impact force and reduce the degree of traffic accidents. When used in combination, the overall bearing capacity is stronger and more stable.
2. The material is engineering grade plastic or fiberglass, and the reflective film is engineering grade reflective film.
3. Bright colors, large size, clear directions
4. Installation and movement are quick and easy, without machinery, saving costs and causing no damage to the road.
5. It can be adjusted according to the curvature of the road, which is flexible and convenient.
6. Suitable for use on any roads, forks, toll stations, etc.

Post time: Jan-16-2024