Water Filled Barrier

Water filled barriers are essential road safety equipment widely used on construction sites, event management and pedestrian safety. These devices provide drivers with additional separation and guidance, thereby preventing accidents and improving road safety.Water filled barriers are lightweight plastic devices that are easy to install and require no digging or ground anchoring. They are made of imported polyethylene to provide long-lasting durability even in extreme weather conditions. The device can be filled with water for added stability and cushioning. The design of the water horse traffic separator also meets the color requirements of different roads, providing clear and proper road signs.



Water filled barriers are used in various applications such as:

- Road construction: Water horse traffic dividers are used to provide guidance to drivers during construction, especially in areas where roads are narrowed or blocked.

- Pedestrian Safety: Water filled barriers are ideal for creating safe sidewalks for pedestrians while providing a barrier to oncoming traffic.

- Event management: These devices are used to separate and manage the traffic in an event, allowing smooth flow and efficient organization.


Water filled barriers are used to separate the guide lane, which can make the traveling vehicles walk and drive according to the route surrounded by the water horse. Isolation activity site, construction site. Effectively avoid pedestrians driving in, improve safety performance.

Water horse warning performance, water horse warning color and with reflective film, can make pedestrian vehicles see at a glance, slow down to avoid. Installation and transportation is convenient and quick. The weight is relatively light, can be quickly installed and used.

Water filled barriers material long service life, not afraid of wind and rain, with imported PE manufacturing, after the water more buffering elasticity, can absorb the strong impulse to effectively reduce the car, road and fence staff injury. Vivid color, according to the requirements of the road to choose different colors, clearly and unambiguously indicate the route of traffic. Tandem use, the overall bearing capacity is stronger.

Water filled barriers are are easy to carry, no need to use cranes like cement piers, saving the cost of transporters, high mobility, suitable for any road use. Will not hurt the roadside, without any road construction, can be installed, can be stacked to reduce the stacking area.

Post time: Jan-10-2024