1000x350x50mm Rubber Speed Hump

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The rubber speed humps are the traffic management devices used for permanent or temporary motor vehicle speed reduction.

These rubber speed humps made of commercial grade thermoplastic recycled rubber , with 22000Lbs (10 ton) load capacity. Furthermore, the speed humps are easy and fast installation and removal, which can be installed by one person using simple tools. Recycled rubber material and very light, which can be more environmentally friendly.  Black and yellow colored product, with reflective coating, bring attention to the speed hump at night. The speed humps for driveway is suitable for both large and small cars like: trucks, SUV, wheelchair to easily pass through.

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Made of 100% recycled solid rubber and has a weight capacity up to 15,000 kg.


The rubber speed hump is made of high-strength rubber, with good compression resistance, and the slope body has a certain degree of flexibility. There is no strong bump feeling when the vehicle hits, and the shock absorption and damping effects are good. Fix it firmly on the ground with screws, and it will not loosen when the vehicle hits.

There are special textures on the end section of the rubber speed hump to effectively avoid sliding. Black and yellow, especially striking; High brightness reflective beads can be installed on each end section to reflect light at night, so that the driver can clearly see the location of the deceleration slope.

And the special process ensures that the color is durable and not easy to fade. Simple installation and convenient maintenance. It is suitable for use in parking lots, residential areas, at the entrance of institutions and schools, and at toll passages.

Installation locations

These rubber speed humps are ideal for parking lots, warehouse, concerts, hotels, stages, shopping mall, sports events, school, community, hospitals and nursing homes, gas stations, construction places etc.

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