490*430*110mm Rubber Kerb Ramp

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Rubber curb ramp is made of high-strength rubber, the product is strong and durable, pressure-resistant and long-lasting life, less wear and tear on the car, no noise, excellent shock absorption and pressure resistance. The slope design is reasonable, the size of the vehicle can be applied; slope anti-skid treatment, to prevent wheel slippage in the rain and snow; effective protection of roadside protection stone and vehicle safety. Adopt standard block shape arbitrary way and advanced “internal expansion anchoring technology”, use screws to fix it firmly on the ground, solid installation, stable and reliable, will not be loose when the vehicle impact.

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Made of new rubber material, Indoor use with less odor. This rubber ramp is strong and wear-resistant, can bear huge weight, allowing cars safely driving on uneven roads.


This curb ramp adopts anti-skid surface to increase friction and ensure safety; it has good shock absorption, anti-pressure and low noise effect.

This curb ramp is of reasonable height, suitable for cars, wheelchairs, scooters, bicycles, skateboards, motorcycles, trucks, commercial vehicles, and disabled chairs; it is suitable for driveways, door thresholds, parking lots, factories, hotels, and other areas along the street to facilitate vehicle access.

The lightweight threshold ramp has a hollow grid at the bottom, which not only enhances support, but also prevents easy sliding and stability.

These lightweight outdoor threshold car ramps are suitable for low profile vehicles and can be permanently installed in high traffic areas using the integrated mounting holes, and you are able to connect as many ramps together as you need.

Scope of application

1. Shops without temporary parking space on the roadside in downtown areas
For some downtown roadside stores without temporary parking spaces, you can put the rubber curb ramp outside the store when you are in business, you can also purchase more than a few joint into a fixed rubber curb ramp, convenient for customers to park.

2. Private car spare
Usually go out, in hotels, shopping malls and other places, if the car is full of people, had to be directed by the security guards in the absence of curb ramp directly arch on the sidewalk, in the absence of curb ramp in the case of up and down will bring fatal damage to the car shock suspension system, then you can take the rubber curb ramp, made of “mobile curb ramp”, so as to facilitate parking also protect their cars.

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