800*100*10mm Rubber Wall Corner Guard

Short Description:

Rubber corner guards (wall corner protectors) are used to warn drivers and protect columns and vehicles. Embedded in the parking lot partition wall and column corners. The color is yellow and black (where the yellow is reflective film) placed on the square column of the underground parking lot to prevent the vehicle from turning, and column friction or collision, scratch or touch the car paint and column.

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The corner guards are made out of recycled rubber material and they have bright yellow color tapes to warn of potential danger and bring attention to wall corner.


Rubber corner guards for lining the walls of your garage, storage and parking spaces. Protects your doors from damage to bumpers, bodywork and other areas. Also helps protect corners from accidental damage.

Rubber corner guards have good resistance to compression and are soft enough to protect vehicles and buildings effectively.

With eye-catching yellow reflective warning film, black and yellow, to enhance the visibility of the day, embedded high-brightness yellow reflective material, in poor light or night more attractive to motorists attention to improve safety.

Easy to install, strong and durable.

Installation Location

Suitable for use in parking lots, residential areas, toll lanes, underground parking garages, factory workshops, loading and unloading platforms, gas stations, home garage doors on both sides, etc., to warn drivers of driving safety. Installed in the parking lot pillar, wall corner, the rear wall of the parking space. The installation position is the lower edge of the rubber wall corner at a height of 20 cm from the ground.

Installation Method

Embedded in the parking lot partition wall and column corners, the installer only needs to use a simple hole in the wall with an impact drill and then use the expansion gong wire to fix it for easy use.

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