18 Inches Indoor Safety Convex Mirror With Black Back

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Convex mirror is mainly used for a variety of curves, intersections, can expand the driver’s field of vision, early detection of vehicles and pedestrians on the opposite side of the curve, in order to reduce traffic accidents.

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LUBA safety mirror is a convex mirror with a curvature of 130 degrees and a diameter of 18 inches, used to provide a wide-angle view in garages, warehouses, offices and places where an overall view is not possible, helping to improve safety and provide good prevention.

The mirror surface is made of high-quality PC material , which is brighter than glass and not easy to break when attacked. The back side is wrapped with high quality PE material in bold colors (red/orange), with embedded assembly to ensure that the mirror does not fall off at the back. The mirror has a removable film in front of the reflective surface for preventing scratches during installation.

At the same time, the mirror can reflect clear and bright images and is easy to use. And the material is frost, heat and drop resistant, so it can be used normally no matter what the weather is like. The product is very light and easy to install. There is an installation kit in the package, which can make the mirror wide angle adjustable after installation.

LUBA mirror types and colors

The mirror is come with 2 types, which are indoor type and outdoor type. The outdoor type comes with a lid and the indoor type without. These two types of mirrors also have different mounting parts, indoor type for mounting on the wall and outdoor type for mounting on a pole. LUBA security mirrors are currently available in three colors (black, red and orange) and four sizes (12/18/24/32inches).

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