980*240*44mm 2 Channel Cable Protector

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LUBA  2 Channel cable protectors are constructed from industrial-grade rubber and are designed to protect multiple valuable cables or hoses. The yellow lid is made of PVC (waterproof) material,  these cable protectors are commonly used both outdoors and indoors as well as in any weather condition.

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Measuring 39.37(L) X 9.57(W) X 1.77(H)inches, weighing 13.23 pounds each. Channel size 1.57×1.57inches. Two pack sturdy high-quality 2 channel rubber cable ramp protector.


These durable cable protector ramps will ensure that your wires and hoses do not become potential tripping hazards for any pedestrians that will be walking over them.

The yellow flip at the top makes the rope ramp protector more visible and easy to spot by pedestrians and vehicles even at night. The black base contrasts with the bright safety yellow lid, making these cable ramps highly visible to nearby pedestrians, further reducing the potential for pedestrian injury.

Heavy-duty wire ramps that work well to protect exposed cables, wires and cords on the ground. Also functions as a speed bump to prevent high speed driving.

Multiple cable ramps can be joined together for long periods of time and do not easily fall apart due to traffic activity. Also suitable for indoor use, made of an advanced composite material that has less odor than traditional rubber products.

The loading capacity is greater than 33,000 pounds, allowing most vehicles to pass safely. The heavy-duty rubber grips the road better and the non-slip surface reduces danger in rainy weather.

Working as a pipe protector in the garden, the weed whacker can also pass safely through the cable ramp.

Setting the cable protector on the playground with a bright yellow flap is quite eye-catching and reduces the possibility of accidents.

This pair of cable ramps can be connected together to act as speed bumps in the lane to slow down cars.

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